Matchless G3-WO and G3L test reports and servicing notes

The Motor Cycle 18 July 1940 – G3-WO test report

Motor Cycling 15 May 1941 – Prototype G3L Test – GGT 792

The Motor Cycle 15 May 1941 – Prototype G3L Test – GGP 769

Motor Cycling 2 Jan 1941 – Overhauling the G3

Motor Cycling 7 May 1942 – Overhauling the G3L

The Motor Cycle 8 Aug 1940 – Dismantling a 4-speed Burman box

Motor Cycling 13 Feb 1941 – Servicing the WD Burman gearbox

Motor Cycling 17 and 24 Oct 1940 – Servicing Lucas ignition and lighting

Motor Cycling 7 Nov 1940 – Servicing Miller lighting

The Motor Cycle 25 July 1940 – How Army Motorcycles are Tested

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