Technical Data

Motor Cycling 1732 Feb 4 1943This section combines information from the ‘Maintenance Manual and Instruction Book’ 101/MC2B (edition number MM2B) with specifications contained in the 1953 Army Council Technical Handbook.

In October 1953 the Army Council published a technical handbook (ACTH) – ‘Motor Cycle 350cc Matchless MC/2 G3L’ – detailing the inspection standards for the Matchless G3L. This is the most comprehensive technical specifications manual known to exist. Where particular references are made from the ACTH they are marked with the symbol ⩚.

The information has been arranged with the objective of making the whole more accessible and logical. It was decided not to include the tolerances set for ‘acceptable on overhaul’ and ‘condemnation limit’ as these are essentially irrelevant to current owners. Such parameters remain dependent upon good engineering practice and the availability of quality spare parts. It is always wise to compare the dimensions of available parts, whatever their provenance, to both this data chart and the intended installation. A full copy of the original Army Council handbook can be seen in the AJS and Matchless archives; 1572659 1953_Army_G3L_Technical_handbook_and_inspection_standards.pdf

Much of this data is also applicable to the earlier G3-WO model. Where known, data particular to the earlier model is clearly identified.

Before working on any machine it is wise to read both the technical data and the Driver Instructions and Servicing section or sections  (see Part 3) relating to those items being worked upon.

References to EARLY MACHINES are those (I.E. G3L) issued in 1941 to 1944 inc. LATE MACHINES are those issued in 1945 and onwards

Matchless technical data

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