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The Motor Cycle 1992 June 12 1941


If you are interested in knowing more about Matchless motorcycles then the following links will be of interest. Please respect the content of any site you visit, it all belongs to someone and is generally subject to copyright laws.



If you think your Matchless is just for taking to local shows then think again !

AJS & Matchless pre-war and WD forum:

Second World War website home page:

AJS & Matchless Owners Club (also links to spares scheme):

Homepage of the AJS & Matchless Archives – Also known as ‘Christian’s Archives’:

Spares parts supplier: Andrew Engineering (Leigh) home page:

Spare parts supplier: Russell Motors (London) home page:

Invicta Military-Vehicle Preservation Society Ltd (based in Kent) Our society’s main aim is the preservation of all military vehicles used during wartime and peacetime:

WD BSA M20 home page:

WD Norton home page:


Front Line Military Vehicle net in America:


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