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These are projects being undertaken by users of this site. Please feel free to offer up photos of your own projects

4 thoughts on “Members Projects …

  1. Hi,
    I’ve been wanting to share the many photos of my G3L renovation project but can’t see how to load photos.
    How is it done?


    • Hi Bob
      The best way to share project photos is to send them to me on a USB and I will then make a separate page for your project. The key issue is to identify to other readers what the purpose of each photo is – I.E. What are you illustrating? I assume you have access to a photo editing program? Ideally you should edit each photo so that any text becomes part of the photo. Try adding a standard size text box to each photo and write in it whatever you want to say. You can also add arrows to point to specific bits etc. OK, so I know that this will create work for you but it will make any photos a much more meaningful resource / record for other visitors to the site 😉

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